Bath art exhibitions featuring Paulo Baigent’s work

Beautiful Decay

 June 2020

The Art Cohort, Chelsea Road, Bath

This exhibition featured Paulo's latest collection of paintings, each one celebrating the beauty to be found in decay.

Note: Prints, cards and a few of the original artworks from the exhibition are still available to buy. Contact us to find out more.

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Newbridge Arts Trail

May 2019

Hosted by Newbridge Primary School ,Charmouth Road, Bath

He showed his latest range of music-themed prints and cards.


Art created by pupils at Newbridge Primary School and by several other Trail artists was also on view.

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April 2018, at the ICE Gallery, Bath


Prints, cards and a few of the original artworks

from the exhibition are still available to buy.

Contact us to find out more.


If you know of a venue near you that might be an

ideal venue for BowieSongArt, please get in touch.

What the reviews said:

"Truly remarkable"

"What a gem! Magical exhibition & fantastic artwork!"

"A great & creative tribute to Bowie from a talented artist"

"Far from a 'God awful small affair'! Wonderful stuff - fills our hearts

with love today!"

"Amazing - don't miss it!"

The thing about this exhibition is that it’s not just a lot of pretty pictures of

Bowie, gorgeous as he undoubtedly was. This is about listening to what he

said in his songs and trying to interpret his words - and the feelings the

music evokes for me - through visual imagery.” Paulo Baigent

This exhibition is more than just a celebration of the life and work of David Bowie. It is the result of a lifetime’s passion for Bowie’s songs. Created over the past three years, all the artwork in this exhibition is based on Bowie’s songs and lyrics.

Paulo has used a variety of media to respond to the inspiration of each of the songs he has chosen, including digital art, paintings in watercolour, acrylics and oils, and ink drawings - “I’ve never liked being pinned down by one style… which seems fair enough when your inspiration is the ever changing David Bowie.”


Hear the music that inspired each song while you look at the art.

More about the artist

Paulo Baigent has been listening to Bowie since being given a C90 tape of Ziggy Stardust and Hunkydory as a nine-year-old. He’s been a huge Bowie fan for over forty years now and there is clearly a section of his brain reserved for his Bowie fascination, filled with lyrics, songs and trivia. Paulo has worked as an artist, illustrator and designer for the last 30 years. He currently balances this with work as an art and drama teacher in Bath.

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